Write a short note on wildlife protection act

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Summary of Wildlife Protection Act (1972) of India

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Species Status Codes

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Did We Only Bring Wolves Back So We Can Kill Them Again?

Welcome to the new e-Laws. It’s now easier than ever to find Ontario laws. We welcome your feedback. The Wildlife Protection Act, is anAct of the Parliament of India enacted for protection of plants and animal species.

BeforeIndia only had five designated national /5(2). The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is a United States environmental law that promotes the enhancement of the environment and established the President's Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ).

The law was enacted on January 1, To date, more than nations around the world have enacted national environmental policies modeled after NEPA. Brief Notes on the Environmental Protection Act of Article shared by The Act came into force on Nov.

19,the birth anniversary of our Late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, who was a pioneer of environmental protection issues in our country. Notes on Environmental Issues, Ecological Preservation, Conservation of Natural Resources in India The Wildlife (Protection) Act, adopted by all states except Jammu and Kashmir (which has its own Act), governs wildlife conservation and protection of endangered species.

An Inter-State Committee has been set up to review the Wildlife.

Write a short note on wildlife protection act
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