Write a short note on chipko movement meritnation

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Chipko Movement (Tree Hugging Movement)

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Chipko Movement in India (Useful Notes)

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Chipko Movement

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Short note on Chipko Movement

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Chipko movement

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This is mainly done through the act of hugging trees to protect them from being cut down. Chipko’s idea and philosophy spread through word of mouth mostly by women who talked about them on village paths or markets.

chipko movement started in uttaranchal. it was started by a. Chipko Andolan (‘Hug the Trees Movement’) was launched by the people of Reni in Garhwal in the early s and was spread headed by Sunder Lal Bahuguna.

The Chipko Andolan was the result of a grassroot level effort to end the alienation of people from forests. 'Chipko Andolan' was started by the common people to conserve the forests. The movement originated in a remote village named Reni, in Garhwal.

Chipko movement

In this movement, when the workers of a contractor came to cut the trees, in absence of the men of the village, all the women clasped the. Environmental movements like Chipko have become historical landmarks because the ecological insights and political and moral strengths of women have fueled them.

It was a resurgence of woman power and ecological concern in the Garhwal Himalayas interwoven in a mosaic of various factors. Reasons to start Chipko movement As a result, the Uttarakhand region, which is known for rich minerals, soils, and forests, attracted many entrepreneurs.

Soon the area became the object of exploitation by these entrepreneurs.

Write a short note on chipko movement meritnation
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