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On the Shortness of Life: Book Summary, Key Lessons, and Best Quotes

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On the Shortness of Life

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On the Shortness of Life is my favorite introductory material to figuring out how to do just that. The core takeaway is simple.

Be mindful of and purposeful with your time. Time is our most precious commodity and it is too easy to lose sight of it while we go through our daily routines of work, family, and social life plus all the little /5().

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Albert Camus (1913—1960)

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De Brevitate Vitae (English: On the Shortness of Life) is a moral essay written by Seneca the Younger, a Roman Stoic philosopher, sometime around the year 49 AD, to his father-in-law Paulinus. The philosopher brings up many Stoic principles on the nature of time, namely that people waste much of it in meaningless pursuits.

Albert Camus (—) Albert Camus was a French-Algerian journalist, playwright, novelist, philosophical essayist, and Nobel laureate. Though he was neither by advanced training nor profession a philosopher, he nevertheless made important, forceful contributions to a wide range of issues in moral philosophy in his novels, reviews, articles, essays, and speeches—from terrorism and.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (May 25, April 27, ) was an American essayist, lecturer, and poet, who led the Transcendentalist movement of the midth century. Click on the image to go to the Amazon page. Writing tips from the essay: Use analogies (you can make it funny or dramatic to achieve a better effect): “Don’t be afraid,” the waiter said, and he talked to the kookaburra in a soothing, respectful voice, the way you might to a child with a switchblade in his hand”.

Shortness of life essay
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