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Pericles' Funeral Oration

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Oration Piece. Oration Pieces. Oratorical Pieces. TO LIVE THE VIRTUE OF HONESTY AS A FILIPINO AND STUDENT: An Oratorical Speech by Samuel B. Batara. Oration. We Have Become Untrue to Ourselves. Oratorical Piece: 5/5(18). Short Oration about Life - Visualization (use it as often as you can!) Catch in a row without your iPhone, your Kindle or your preferate book at you - use all that time to visulise the acomplishment of your main or dearest goal - live the victory moments for real.

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Free Examples of Famous Short Speeches. The Oration and Classical Rhetorical Theory "In classical antiquity, the oration was the very center of rhetorical theory and practice, though among the three types of speech--deliberative, judiciary, and epideictic--the last was to become the most important in the later centuries of antiquity.

During the Middle Ages, the secular public speech.

Short oration
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