Frank sinatra has a cold and other essays

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Frank Sinatra Has A Cold And Other Essays Penguin Modern Classics. Frank Sinatra - $ Frank Sinatra Has A Cold Uk Import Book New. Frank Sinatra - $ Frank Sinatra Has A Cold And Other Essays, Paperback By Talese, Gay, Isbn 0 Frank Sinatra - $ INTRODUCTION.

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A selection of witty and provocative essays from the father of New Journalism, Gay Talese's Frank Sinatra Has a Cold and Other Essays is published in Penguin Modern Classics.

Gay Talese is the father of American New Journalism, who transformed traditional reportage with his vivid scene-setting, sharp observation and rich storytelling/5.

Gay Talese's essay "Frank Sinatra Has A Cold" If you're new to Sinatra's music and/or you think Sinatra and schlock are the same thing, begin with the best. Whether he is detailing the unseen and sometimes quirky world of New York City or profiling Ol' Blue Eyes in "Frank Sinatra Has a Cold," Talese captures his subjects be they famous, infamous, or merely unusual in his own inimitable, elegant fashion.

Frank sinatra has a cold and other essays
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