Doctrine of pleasure in other constitutions

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Doctrine of Pleasure As Under The Indian Constitution

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Doctrine of Pleasure

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Doctrine of pleasure and its proviso article 311 of Indian Constitution

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Critically analysis of Doctrine of Pleasure

* THE DOCTRINE OF PLEASURE IN OTHER CONSTITUTIONS: The Doctrine of Pleasure exists in some form or the other in most States of the world. In this section, we examine a few Constitutions and see how they have applied the Doctrine to their existing political systems.

Doctrine Of Pleasure In India: Doctrine of Pleasure under the Indian Constitution is also based on the same policy considerations as it existed under the common law in England.

Though doctrine of pleasure is accepted in India as it has developed in England, it has not been completely accepted in India.

War Powers Clause Doctrine of pleasure in other constitutions
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Doctrine of pleasure and its proviso article of Indian Constitution